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Products dedicated to your needs

  • Cattle

    All for cattle! From calving to dairy, find a complete range of products for cows, calves and bulls!

  • Sheep

    All for sheep! From lambing to mowing, discover our products to take care of your lambs, sheep, goats, and rams!

  • Pigs

    All for pigs! All products for the life of pigs, piglets, and sows!

  • Poultry

    All for poultry! From the classic line to the most colorfull, crush for our novelties!

  • Horses

    All for the horse! The set of accessories for horses.

  • Pest control

    From mouse to fox, find our selection of traps known for years on the market!

  • Fly control

    Beat flying insects with our natural solutions!

  • Fencing

    Find the BEAUMONT energiser that suits you and choose from a multitude of accessories!

  • Farm

    A whole range of products to maintain your farm and offer a place of comfort to your animals!

Configure your bespoke electric fence

With our online configurator you can design your bespoke electric fence in just a few clicks. In a few easy steps, we will recommend the components best suited to your needs: from the energiser to the conductors, and including all the accessories necessary for your project.

The synergies between two brands, BEAUMONT and HORIZONT, mean that we are able to offer you quite simply the best fence on the market!

It couldn't be easier: go to our configuration page and get started on your project right now!


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